Norwood raid: Police following leads

Police say they're hot on the heels of one of SA's most wanted criminals.

Solomon Makgale said they're looking for the drug syndicate ring leader but have arrested three other people.

NORWOOD - Johannesburg police said they are hot on the heels of one of the country's most wanted criminals after he managed to escape when officers raided his Norwood home last night.

The police's Solomon Makgale said the police were looking for the drug syndicate ring leader for some time, and obtained a search warrant after receiving tip-offs from the community.

They discovered an arms cache including R5 rifles, 300 handguns, AK47's and explosives used for ATM bombings, but the man they were looking for was not home.

Picture: EWN.

Police arrested three other people believed to be related to the syndicate.

Resident Jacky Ramara said she's concerned about her family's safety and her own.

"We've been staying here for 17 years and this man has been walking around with his dog, the dog doesn't bark, but he walks around with it and maybe he planted bombs at our place."

Makgale said the suspected syndicate leader is among the most wanted criminals in the country.

National Police Commissioner Riah Phiyega also inspected the crime scene and congratulated the multi-disciplinary team, including the Hawks, crime intelligence and the police.