Samwu considers national strike

As municipal workers in Cape Town prepare to strike today, wider action is also being tabled.

FILE: Samwu members march for improved wages. Picture: AFP.

CAPE TOWN - As municipal workers in Cape Town prepare to march through the city this morning, the South African Municipal Workers' Union (Samwu) says national industrial action is now on the cards.

In the Western Cape, Samwu has declared a dispute over the alleged lack of action against line managers who fail to implement the decisions of senior managers.

Union leaders opted to embark on a protest through the city's streets today while it considers its next steps.

The union's Walter Theledi says a central executive committee meeting will be held today to consider a national strike, explaining that they also want home allowances to be increased.

"It's R400 per month, which is slave-running," he says. "Most of the government workers are getting close to R900 per month. We need something in that region also, if not more."

The City of Cape Town says Samwu was granted permission for today's action and it does not expect major interruptions.

"It is going to be a legal march," says the city's Priya Reddy. "They will be going from Keizersgracht at 9.30 and end up at the Civic Centre at 2.30."

Reddy says there won't be any road closures in the area and traffic services will be on duty to direct motorists.