Amcu: Rival unions using Marikana hit list

Amcu says the Marikana hit list is being used to paint the union as a vigilante group.

Non-striking miners reporting for duty in Marikana on 15 May 2014. Picture: Vumani Mkhize/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - The Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union (Amcu) leaders said rival unions could be involved in an apparent hit list in Marikana and using it as an an underhanded tactic to paint Amcu as a vigilante group.

Weekend reports claimed that the document contained the names of miners who've broken away from Amcu's wage strike including three men who were killed last week.

Video: Marikana a divided town.

The union's leader Joseph Mathunjwa claimed union members were only on the receiving end of violence since the start of the strike in January.

Picture: EWN.

He said this is just another smear tactic.

"Lonmin's SMS campaign failed and now it's the issue of the hit list."

The National Union of Mineworkers' Frans Baleni distanced his union from the hit list after his own members were targeted during violent unrest on the platinum belt.

"Lonmin and the other union must solve their issues and stay away from violence."

Amcu members are striking for a minimum salary of R12,500 and refuse to settle for anything less.

Thousands of miners in Marikana gathered at the stadium to be addressed by Amcu leaders. Picture: Vumani Mkhize/EWN.

Meanwhile, Anglo American Platinum's (Amplats) CEO Chris Griffith apologised for comments he made in a daily newspaper earlier this week justifying his multimillion rand salary.

Business Day reported Griffith, his 11 executives and top management were all awarded R25,3 million in a bonus-share scheme that would pay out in three years as part of a skills-retention scheme.

The comments, which Griffith himself since labelled as "inappropriate and seemingly insensitive", were widely criticised.

Griffith issued a statement saying his choice of words that earning R6,7 million per year is fair pay was inappropriate.

But Griffith still argues Amcu's demands remains unaffordable as it would increase the company's costs by approximately R4,5 billion per year.

Meanwhile, food parcels will be delivered to Marikana today in response to the deepening humanitarian crisis there.

Video: Soup kitchen feeds starving miners.

Families have had to go without food for weeks because of the strike and some are now relying on a local soup kitchen

A total of four trucks will be heading to the area this morning to deliver the parcels.