AU called upon to to protect girls in Africa

Naledi Pandor has called on the AU to develop structures to ensure abductions don't happen again.

The Islamist group, whose name roughly translates from the Hausa language spoken widely in northern Nigeria as Western education is forbidden claimed responsibility for kidnapping more than 200 schoolgirls, threatening to sell them like slaves and force them into marriage unless Nigeria freed militants held in the countrys jails. Picture: AFP.

JOHANNESBURG - Home Affairs Minister Naledi Pandor has called on the African Union (AU) to develop structures and devote resources to ensure that the abduction of girls never happens in Africa again.

It's been more than a month since more than 200 girls were kidnapped by Boko Haram from their school in Nigeria's Borno State.

On Saturday the African National Congress (ANC) Women's League added its voice to those condemning the Islamist militant group's actions.

The local launch of the Bring Back Our Girls campaign, by the ANC Women's League, started off with traditional healers calling on their ancestors to return the Nigerian girls home safely.

The Home Affairs minster's message, on behalf of the ANC' leaders, was strong and to the point.

She said, "We are not asking, we are not appealing, we demand they are returned. We must gather in this way, to show the world, to show Boko Haram that we reject their criminal action against children."

Pandor says it has become far too easy for people to abuse girls and women, calling on an end to the crime against humanity.

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