Mogoeng: MPs must honour their oaths

Mogoeng Mogoeng received the new lists of MPs during a special ceremony today.

Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng. Picture: AFP.

JOHANNESBURG - The public has the right to approach the courts if members of Parliament and the country's provincial legislatures betray South Africans by not honouring their oaths, Chief Justice Mogoeng Mogoeng said on Friday.

Independent Electoral Commission Chairperson Pansy Tlakula handed over the provincial and national lists of political parties' candidates who will be taking up positions in Parliament and provincial legislatures earlier today.

Mogoeng received the lists at a ceremony at the Constitutional Court.

New Members of Parliament (MPs) will sit for the first time on 21 May when they are expected to officially vote President Jacob Zuma in as president for a second term.

Mogoeng said those who openly vow to the nation to serve citizens equally well and with dignity must honour their oath or be held accountable by the public.

"Order them to do what they are constitutionally bound to do for us," he said.

The lists have also been handed over to the deputy secretary of Parliament.

It appears former communications minister Dina Pule's name has made it onto the list as a representative of the ANC despite the fact that she declined to return to the National Assembly earlier this year.

The party is yet to clarify the issue.