Principals, activists take Motshekga to court

Government is accused of failing to fulfil every child’s Constitutional right to basic education.

Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga.

CAPE TOWN - A case that goes to the heart of every child's right to basic education will be heard in the Western Cape High Court next week.

An education activist and a group of school principals are taking government and Basic Education Minister Angie Motshekga to court because of problems in the public school system.

They say the state has failed to fulfil each and every child's Constitutional right to basic education by not properly implementing laws, policies and plans.

The applicants have turned to the courts in a bid to force government to address what they call the systematic failure of the state to deliver basic education to all children, especially those living in poor communities.

In legal papers, they argue that several fundamentals are necessary to provide basic education.

It involves the provision of early childhood development by qualified teachers.

They say children should be taught in their mother tongue at least in the foundation phase, educators should be properly trained and textbooks delivered on time.

But government is opposing the application, saying it's legally and factually flawed.

The matter is expected to be heard in the Western Cape High Court on Monday.