Westerveld backs van Gaal for United post

The former Dutch international goalkeeper is set to become United’s new permanent manager.

Dutch national team coach Louis van Gaal is set to be announced as Manchester United's new manager. Picture: Facebook.com

CAPE TOWN - Former Dutch international goalkeeper Sander Westerveld on Thursday told EWN Sport he isn't sure how former coach Louis van Gaal will fit in at Manchester United.

Van Gaal is set to become United's new permanent manager, replacing David Moyes, who was sacked towards the end of the 2013/14 English Premier League season.

An announcement on the Dutchman's arrival at Old Trafford has reportedly been postponed until next week.

Westerveld says van Gaal is straight forward and to the point, which may not work in his favour.

"He's typically Dutch and sometimes, people don't like that. As a Dutchman, if we have a problem with you, we will tell you, not behind your back or to someone else. If there is a problem, there is a problem. He's really hard and if you make a mistake, he will tell you. But he will love you as well."

Westerveld says van Gaal is very strong minded.

"Sometimes he ran into trouble with the big players because the big players didn't like to be treated like little children. He's got one way of working and that is his way. If you step out and try to talk to him about it, you can talk to him, but you will have to come with really good arguments to get him to change his mind."

Westerveld says if the players buy into van Gaal's methods, they could be very successful.

"You will go into a meeting in front of a black curtain and think, 'Ok, I'm going to tell him it's black.' After five minutes of speaking to him, you will walk away thinking the curtain is red. That's how good he is. If you have players that are really ambitious and want to believe that his way will bring success, then he will do fantastically."