Amcu: Don't be intimidated by police

Miners have been told to remain resolute with their strike action.

FILE: Miners have been told to remain resolute with their strike action. Govan Whittles/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - Association of Mineworkers and Construction Union ( Amcu) leaders in Rustenburg today told Anglo Platinum workers not to be intimidated by the increased police presence on the platinum belt.

Employees have been told to remain resolute in their strike and to ignore an SMS campaign by the mining companies pleading with them to return to work.

The workers have been on strike since the end of January, demanding an increase to R12,500 a month.

Amcu's regional shaft steward addressed hundreds of miners gathered on the platinum belt. Responding to the death of three workers since the weekend, he said that propaganda had been used by the company to divide workers.

"They just announced yesterday that other workers had killed each other - that is propaganda. After that they want to put in extra forces, maybe 500 police so that they can intimidate workers."

He added that workers still stood united behind the Amcu demand.

"You can doubt other things, you can doubt whether the company will give us R12,500 but don't ever doubt that we will even return to work empty handed."

The mass meeting concluded with Amcu leaders pleading to the miners to remain peaceful and to continue the strike.