Witness implicates Krejcir

Peter Msimango has implicated the Czech national in a drug deal gone wrong.

Czech businessman Radovan Krejcir. Picture: Christa van der Walt/ EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - A High Court sitting in the Palm Ridge Magistrates Court on Monday heard how the state's first witness implicated Czech businessman Radovan Krejcir in a drug deal gone wrong.

Krejcir and five others, including members of the South African Police Service (SAPS) and the Hawks, are standing trail for the kidnapping and attempted murder of an East Rand man in June last year.

The Czech fugitive is accused of giving orders for the man to be tortured.

The state's first witness, Peter Msimango, says he was asked by a friend to help one of Krejcir's co-accused search for 25 kilogrammes of missing drugs.

He told the court how the drug deal went wrong in June last year.

Msimango says the drugs belonged to Krejcir, who is also known as "the boss".

The witness said the crystal meth went missing, and he was asked to help recover the drugs.

The court explained to Msimango that if he implicates himself in this drug deal, he will have to take responsibility for his actions.

Krejcir and his co-accused pleaded not guilty to all the charges against them.

The Czech businessman has been implicated in a number of other cases and has been accused of murdering a debt collector and plotting to kill two investigators.

He is also wanted in his home country and is fighting extradition attempts.