Police probe ‘attack’ on woman

The video shows a woman lying on the ground surrounded by people, some wearing ANC shirts.

A screengrab from apparent cellphone footage which has gone viral showing a woman being kicked in the face, stomped on and beaten with an axe. Picture: Facebook.

JOHANNESBURG - Police are investigating the origin of a video of a woman being attacked by a large mob, which has gone viral in South Africa.

It's still not clear at this stage when or where the footage was recorded or whether the woman survived.

Police have appealed to anyone with information on the video to come forward.

The footage shows a woman lying on the ground surrounded by scores of people, some wearing ANC T-shirts.

Members of the group took turns kicking the victim in her sides and face before she was stomped on.

At one point, she stretches out her arm as if she is asking for help before the beating continues.

Later in the video, the mob bludgeoned the victim with the back of an axe.

Police are looking into claims that the woman was attacked because she was a Congress of the People (Cope) supporter.

But the party says it isn't aware of any recent attack on any of its members.

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