Witness describes Krejcir's torture methods

Peter Msimango told the court how the businessman tortured a man at his Money Point offices last year.

Czech fugitive Radovan Krejcir. Picture: Christa van der Walt/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - A High Court sitting in the Palm Ridge Magistrates Court on Monday heard how Radovan Krejcir allegedly poured boiling water over an East Rand man's head.

The controversial Czech businessman also assaulted the man following an alleged drug deal gone wrong in June last year.

The state on Monday called its first witness to the stand.

The Czech fugitive and five others are accused of kidnapping and attempted murder.

Krejcir is accused of giving orders for the man to be tortured.

Witness Peter Msimango told the court how five of the accused met at Krejcir's Money Point shop in Bedfordview last year.

He said a young man was tortured there because his brother, only known as 'Doctor', allegedly stole 25 kilogrammes of drugs that belonged to Krejcir.

Msimango says the victim's face was covered and he was tied up before Krejcir allegedly poured boiling water from a kettle over his head.

He said Krejcir then removed the bag from the victim's head and accused him of lying.

The Czech national also allegedly asked the victim whether he was prepared to "die like a soldier".

All six men pleaded not guilty to all the charges against them.

Krejcir has been implicated in a number of other cases and has been accused of murdering a debt collector and plotting to kill two investigators.

He is also wanted in his home country and is fighting extradition attempts.