Alex: Residents demand a re-vote

EFF and IFP residents in Alexandra are demanding a re-vote, adamant the elections were rigged.

Army truck line up before entering Alexandra Township. Violence broke out yet again on Friday 9 May 2014. Picture:Vumani Mkhize/EWN

JOHANNESBURG - Tensions remain high in Alexandra this morning, where residents are demanding a re-vote saying the national elections were rigged.

Residents, who are members of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) and the Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP), went on the rampage this week, burning tyres, barricading the streets and trying to set buildings alight.

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On Friday evening the army was deployed to the township to restore calm after violent clashes between protesters and police.

There were also reports of violence on Saturday night.

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Security forces have remained on standby to monitor the situation.

But residents are fearful of another violent clash after protesters threatened to continue demonstrating until those who have been arrested have been released.

Over 100 people have been arrested for public violence in the area since Election Day.

A Mozambican national also told Eyewitness News that foreigners in the area have also been attacked.

"Sometimes we're scared they can come here and try those things again and they can crush us because we're not South African citizens."

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But the police's Solomon Makgale says they're keeping a close eye on the situation.

"We're not going to reduce our deployment. We're going to have police out there."

Those who were arrested will appear in court on Monday.