Zille: Ramphele had to learn the hard way

The DA leader says Agang SA's Mamphela Ramphele humiliated her.

DA leader Helen Zille at the results board in the IEC's national results centre in Pretoria on 8 May 2014. Reinart Toerien/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - Democratic Alliance (DA) leader Helen Zille says while she doesn't derive any pleasure from Agang SA's poor performance in the 2014 national elections, she believes Mamphela Ramphele had to "learn the hard way".

Zille's party secured 22.23 percent of the national vote, while Ramphele's organisation could only muster 0.28 percent.

The two leaders were left with egg on their faces when their attempt at a coalition crumbled within 48 hours.

Zille and Ramphele even sealed their short-lived marriage with a kiss.

Agang SA's Mamphele Ramphele and Democratic Alliance's Hellen Zille kiss after announcing the two parties' merger on 28 January 2014. Picture: Roderick Macleod

Zille, speaking to Stephen Grootes on the Midday Report on Friday, said she did her best to help Ramphele.

"I did my best to help her and she rejected it very publicly, and in a very humiliating way. It's not my way to have any sense of schadenfreude but people just have to learn hard lessons in life now and again," said the Western Cape premier.


Zille also told Grootes she wouldn't have done anything differently in the DA's campaigning drive.

"We had a good advertising campaign; we obviously had to take up Nkandla because of the link between corruption and economic and unemployment. We also drove our message of economic growth, more jobs and clean government, and we got it through, it seems, by the incredible growth we've experienced."