#Elections2014: Counting process to conclude soon

A quick glance at the leader board shows the results have slowed down, but a surge is expected soon.

A quick glance at the leader board shows the results have slowed down, but a surge is expected soon. Picture: Thando Kubheka/EWN.

PRETORIA - Results coming into the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC)'s national results centre have slowed to a trickle, with less than five percent of the vote still outstanding.

This morning the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) hit one million ballots nationally and the IEC announced it hoped to end the counting process at around midday, meaning final results could well be announced tomorrow.

A quick glance at the leader board shows that the results have slow down significantly, but a surge is expected soon.

ANC is sitting at 62.4 percent, that's over 10 million votes while the Democratic Alliance is on 22 percent which equates to about 3.7 million votes.

The EFF is at 6.1 percent of the overall votes, breaking through that million votes barrier earlier and haven't moved much since then.

Video: Votes come in fast.

Cope is still at 0.68 and Agang at 0.27 percent.

Democratic Alliance (DA) leader Helen Zille said her party is the only party that has grown in this elections and it has given the ruling party the fright of its life.

But ANC denies such fright and has accused the opposition of claiming victory.

Both parties are waiting for the final Gauteng results to trigger them.

Video: Inside the IEC results centre.


Auditors inside the Gauteng results centre are expected to wrap up the provincial votes later today.

It's still fairly quiet inside the Gauteng results centre this morning with many party agents getting some rest after a long night of processing election results.

There are a handful of political parties so far, but many stations remain empty.

If we look at the numbers in Gauteng so far, the ANC has 53 percent, while the DA is sitting on 30.8 percent this morning.

Julius Malema's EFF is currently on 9.8 percent.

It's important to note that 88.6 percent of the votes have been counted so those figures may change slightly.

Meanwhile, outside the centre here hundreds of EFF members are expected to demonstrate, the members are demanding a rerun of the provinces votes, they believe the provincial results are not credible.