Dumped ballots to be delivered to results centre

IEC says they need to establish the facts before determining the credibility of its results.

More allegations of dumped ballot papers were found in Lynnwood Ridge in Pretoria and Diepsloot. Picture: iWitness.

JOHANNESBURG - Marked ballot papers that were dumped after apparently being counted in Pretoria are expected to be transported to the IEC's national results centre today after they were found by a local ward councillor.

Pictures of the ballots discarded in the park in Lynnwood Ridge in black plastic bags went viral on social media yesterday, prompting outrage from political parties and an investigation by the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC).

The IEC's Mosotho Moepya said they need to establish the facts about the discarded ballot papers before they can determine if the incident will affect the credibility of its results.

"Capturing for Tshwane is in place and we'll establish the facts. The facts are not known to us at the moment."

But the Democratic Alliance's ward councillor in Lynnwood Ridge Duncan Baker said it's not a case of electoral fraud but rather incompetence by officials.

"We have no reason to suspect that there is fraud involved in this, rather incompetency from the officials."

Baker said he was alerted to the dumping by local residents and reported the matter to his party.

He added the ballots will be brought to the results centre later today.

Yesterday, Eyewitness News reported that ballot papers were found in Pretoria, Alexandra and Diepsloot.

The commission said after the polls close, all ballots are counted in front of the party agents, who then sign off on them before they're stored for safekeeping.

Moepya said, "Party agents signed the results slip to confirm that the votes that are attributed to their party are correct. The results slip moves from that point to the local capturing site."

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