#Elections2014: Parties react to early results

Politicians gave their feedback to the preliminary results and yesterday's election process.

The results board at the IEC's national results centre in Pretoria keeps ticking over as results from around the country steadily flow in. Reinart Toerien/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - Political parties gave their feedback to the process of Wednesday's elections and the preliminary results.

Democratic Alliance (DA) leader Helen Zille, ANC spokesperson Jackson Mthembu and Agang SA leader Mamphela Ramphele spoke on the John Robbie's Breakfast Show on Thursday.

Zille said she was pleased with the results of the 2014 general elections.

"Given the trend over the last 20 years, there has been more tolerance and that's a good thing. The country is headed in the right direction."

Responding to preliminary results, the DA leader said the numbers looked great but added she remained cautious.

"I'm cautious not to get excited too early because then the let-down would be enormous."

_The Times _newspaper reported that the DA would join forces with the ANC in Gauteng to keep the EFF out, but Zille denied this.

"The chances of joining forces with the ANC would be very remote."


The ANC on Thursday said it is confident the party has done well in these elections.

Asked if the party was concerned about dropping votes in some areas, Mthembu said "not at all".

"We're aren't concerned because these results are still early results. I'm impressed with with what we're seeing so far, but many of our strongholds will come in later today."

Mthembu argued that the ruling party has a stronghold in big townships.

Asked about the EFF's results, the spokesperson laughingly said they did well.

"They've definitely done well, I mean that's what happens with first-timers. Look at what happened to Cope [the Congress of the People]. If people want to exercise their right and vote for the EFF, they can. It's what we fought for."


Agang SA had a devastating start to the polls, failing to even secure a single seat in Parliament so far.

Ramphele said she wasn't devastated but rather disappointed.

"How do you explain a democracy where the government underperforms on all key areas and gets such overwhelming support? It tells me we are a democracy where citizens have not yet taken on board the power they have to change their circumstances through their votes.

"The same citizens, who burn public buildings and destroy their infrastructure go back and vote for the same government they are angry with."

She said people have come to accept the unacceptable.

Asked if she regretted leaving the DA, she said it's not about her leading a party.

"I regret the partnership didn't work but not my decision to leave the DA."

Agang's leader said her party will have a meeting to discuss the future.

"I will find ways to get people to take charge of shaping the future of their country because I'm concerned about the future of my grandchildren. I don't want my grandchildren to live in a country where you can have massive support for a party that is corrupt and inefficient."

Video: WC Politicians vote.

Results at the moment indicate the ANC would get 249 seats, the DA 96 seats, the EFF 14 seats and 4 for the IFP.

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