NW voters pleased with process

Mothutlung and Marikana residents had vowed to boycott the elections.

Scores of people in Marikana lined up to cast their votes on 7 May 2014. Picture: Vumani Mkhize/EWN.

MARIKANA - Residents in two previously volatile areas in the North West, Marikana and Mothutlung, said they were pleased with how the elections went.

It was the first time they were casting their ballots since the Marikana tragedy in 2012 and the water protests in Mothutlung in January.

North West residents decided to put their anger aside yesterday, but used their democratic right to vote for the party that would make their lives better.

Picture: AFP.

In Mothutlung last month, residents vowed to boycott the elections, but yesterday came out in their numbers.

A resident who voted at the last minute said people mustn't blame the African National Congress for the deaths of four people during the water protests earlier this year.

"It's not that we've forgotten what happened but we had to forgive."

Picture: EWN.

Marikana and Mothutlung residents accused the ANC and the police of killing their loved ones.

Video: Thousands queue to vote.