#Elections2014: Results steadily coming in

The IEC are almost a quarter way through from counting the ballots from the elections.

The IEC National Results Centre in Pretoria on 7 May. Picture: EWN.

PRETORIA - The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) is almost a quarter of the way through its mammoth task of counting every single ballot cast during the 2014 elections.

It's the fifth time the country has gone to the polls and officials said the process was peaceful and there was a high voter turnout.

IEC officials, politicians and a host of journalists are closely watching the blue results boards that dominate the space.

The figures are steadily ticking over and have been since last night shortly after the polls closed.


With nearly 23 percent of the national vote now counted, the ANC's share of the vote is now at just over 46 percent.

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) also seem assured of one seat in Parliament as over 100,000 votes have been counted for Julius Malema's party.

At this stage the ANC's share of the vote stands at 56,93 percent the Democratic Alliance (DA)'s sitting on just over 30 percent.

The Inkatha Freedom Party is two percent at the moment while its KwaZulu-Natal rival the National Freedom Party is on 1.4 percent.

Bantu Holomisa's United Democratic Movement has just under a percent right now, that figure could improve later, because of his recent high profile.

In Gauteng where just over six percent of the vote has been counted, the ANC has 55,6 percent, the DA 30 percent and the EFF 8,5 percent.

In the Western Cape 41 percent of the vote has already been counted and the DA has 68 percent and the ANC 24 percent.

But the ANC is well ahead in the Eastern Cape, the Free State and the other provinces.


The EFF has over 120,000 votes and that guarantees a seat in Parliament.

The party's Vuyisani Ndlovu said, "We're calm and watching as the country decides its future for the next five years as the country decides as a collective. We encourage our party agents to continue being awake and make sure the process goes smoothly."

Video: Malema votes.

Meanwhile, the Democratic Alliance (DA) is leading the Western Cape election race and has secured more than 60 percent of the provincial vote so far.

The ANC is trailing with more than 28 percent of votes tallied at this stage.

The DA is now standing at 62.62 percent, the ANC is on 28.63 while the EFF has the third most votes so far with 1.72 percent.

More than one million ballots have been processed at this stage.

Some party representatives are the at provincial results centre in Bellville South, waiting patiently for the results to be released.