#Elections2014: ANC gains over 60%

The ANC is nearing 3 million votes while the DA hovers at just over 1.2 million.

The ANC is nearing 3 million votes while the DA hovers at just over 1.2 million. Picture: Renee de Villiers/EWN

PRETORIA - With around a third of the votes cast in the 2014 elections now counted, 11 hours after polls closed, the ANC is edging nearer to three million votes, while the Democratic Alliance (DA) hovers at just over 1.2 million.

The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) said there was a high voter turn out than previously and the vote has gone off without any major hitches.

Political leaders are arriving at the results hub looking surprisingly bright after a late night.

They're all carefully watching the electronic blue boards that loom large in this space.


With just under a third of the national votes counted in elections 2014 it seems the ANC'S share of the vote is beginning to grow.

Picture: EWN.

The ruling party is gaining momentum in the national picture, with 61.46 percent, a figure which is unlikely to drop again.

Picture: AFP.

The DA is on 27,2 percent, a figure which has dropped consistently over the last two hours and that trend could continue.


As the figures on the results board continue to tick over for now politicians expressed their expectations for the results.

The ANC's Gwede Mantashe said, "We're hoping that as the bigger townships and bigger villages come in the picture will change."

The DA's Helen Zille said the party was not considering joining forces with the EFF.

"We're absolutely not going into coalition with the EFF."

The DA is leading in the Western Cape with more than 64 percent of the provincial vote.

The party has gained significant ground in the past hour while the ANC's number has dropped from 30 to 28 percent.

About 60 percent of the provincial votes have been counted so far.

The DA's slice of the provincial ballot pie shrunk earlier, a number that has since swollen.

The party's provincial leader Ivan Meyer believes the party will win a bigger majority of the votes in the Cape than in the 2009 elections.

The EFF's numbers are not moving much but is still in the third position with 1.6 percent.

The Patriotic Alliance (PA), led by Gayton McKenzie, is at 0.58 percent.

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