Dumped ballot papers found in PTA

The IEC is investigating the authenticity of reports that bags of ballot papers were found in a PTA park.

The IEC says it is investigating the authenticity of reports that bags of ballot papers were discovered in a park in Lynnwood Ridge in Pretoria. Picture: iWitness.

PRETORIA - Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) Chief Electoral Officer Masotho Moepya says he hasn't been made aware of any alleged dumping of ballot papers in a park Lynnwood Ridge,Pretoria.

Eyewitness News established the papers were found in a park on Thursday morning.

The IEC and the police are now trying to find those responsible for apparently dumping the bags of ballot papers.

Voting stations were set up for Wednesday's general elections in Cedar Road.

Most of the papers were apparently in favour of the Democratic Alliance (DA), but this cannot be independently confirmed.

Sources say the black bags were discovered by residents this morning and collected by an unknown man earlier in the day.

The DA's Mmusi Maimane says, "We are bitterly disappointed that there was a breach. It questions the legitimacy if the electoral results in Gauteng."

He said it is clear that there has been interference.

"Those aren't just a few ballots, it looks like packets and packets of them and that could have a significant effect on a particular ward. It's a very serious concern.We urge the IEC to do the best they can to investigate and ensure we get to the bottom of the issue."

DA leader Helen Zille says she is looking into the allegations.

I was just have a quick shut-eye when the story of the dumped ballots broke. Auditors onto it. I am returning to results centre right now!

Moepya said party agents are in place to ensure that ballots are transported away from voting stations safely.

Officials will investigate the allegations.

"Capturing for the Tshwane metro is in place and we will establish the facts."

Reports are also coming in that two ballots boxes have been found hidden between and inside shacks in Alexandra.

The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) is also claiming that a ballot box was dumped in Diepsloot.

A Diepsloot ward counsellor confirmed that ballot papers were found in the northern Johannesburg township.

Abraham Mabuke says he was alerted of this earlier today.

"A lot of ballot papers have been found at Cobra Street, Diepsloot, by school kids."

He says he went to collect the papers himself.

"Those ballot papers are the correct ballot papers for the national and provincial elections and are marked in favour of the ANC."

Moepya also said the IEC hasn't been made aware of allegations that ballot boxes were found in Alexandra.


IEC officials who were allegedly held hostage by Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) members in Alexandra this morning are receiving trauma counselling.

The EFF and IFP are both accusing the ANC of vote rigging and tampering in the northern Johannesburg township.

Residents say an EFF member found a box of ballot papers at the entrance of the Thusong Service Centre on Thursday morning.

The party member says he found national, provincial and special votes ballot papers.

IFP members later said they saw the ballot box being transported in an ANC vehicle.

It's also alleged that IFP members then held officials from the ruling party and Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) against their will in the centre at around 3am.

The IFP denied this but said it had evidence that ballot boxes were being transported in an ANC-marked vehicle.

No injuries have been reported.

IEC officials are receiving trauma counselling.