#Elections2014: Blind get own vote template

For the first time in South Africa’s history blind people can vote in secret.

For the first time in South Africa’s history blind people can vote in secret. Picture: www.sancb.org.za.

JOHANNESBURG - For the first time in South Africa's history blind people can vote in secret.

The Midday Report spoke to president of the South Africa Braille Authority (Braille SA), Christo de Klerk, about the process related to blind people voting.

De Klerk said there are three methods by which blind people can vote.

"The first method is by using a template made out of plastic into which you slot your ballot paper and it has holes for all the parties and for where you can make your mark.

"The second method is you can bring along someone you trust and you can request the electoral officer to tell them that your trustee will make the vote on your behalf.

"The last method is by asking an electoral officer to apply your vote in the presence of representatives from different parties."

De Klerk says he is happy that blind people can make their mark.

"It's wonderful to be able to make your own mark, your own secret."

De Klerk added that this year there were too many parties so a new template and bigger template had to be used.

Meanwhile, social media networking site Twitter has been abuzz with people wondering how blind people vote.

Braille niggas braille " @JosiChave: Verbal vote?? RT @PhumlaShongwe: I'd like to know how blind people vote...anybody knows?"

@gdcampaigns Hi, have you ever considered campaigning for a proper accessible system for blind people to vote?

Just out of interest, how do blind people vote?

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