Tutu: South Africans fortunate to vote

The Nobel Peace Prize laureate cast his vote in Milnerton earlier today.

Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu cast his vote in Milnerton. Picture: Mia Spies/EWN.

CAPE TOWN - Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu says South Africans seem more blasé about voting this year compared to 1994, when they were extremely excited.

The Nobel Peace Prize laureate cast his vote in Milnerton earlier today along with his wife Leah.

Tutu says he was very excited to make his mark on the ballot paper, adding other countries were not so lucky.

"I'm just glad we can vote. I'm thinking of Ukraine, South Sudan. We still can vote and be relatively peaceful."

Meanwhile, several University of Stellenbosch students say they were thrilled to cast their vote for the first time.

Eyewitness News has shadowed the Electoral Code of Conduct's Observer Commission, which is monitoring voting across the peninsula.

There's a constant flow of 'Maties' students outside the town hall.

Drama student Rosanne Vos said she had an argument with her housemates before coming to vote as they didn't bother to register.

Vos explained it's important for democracy to participate in this year's election.

She said casting her ballot this time around had special meaning for her, as she was born in 1994.

A few students admitted they were not clued up on parties' policies.

Others counter they would be making an informed decision.