#Elections2014: Violence flares in Sterkspruit

Violence has flared up in Sterkspruit while residents in Rosedale vowed not to vote.

FILE: Disgruntled Rosedale residents in the Eastern Cape have defended the torching of a clinic and post office ahead of elections. Picture: Supplied

EASTERN CAPE - Two hotspots have been identified by Eastern Cape police ahead of the elections.

Police in the province said additional members will be deployed to Molteno and Sterkspruit.

Sterkspruit has been plagued by pre-election tension.

The police's Sibongile Soci said officers will be out in their numbers.

"All hot spot areas in our province will be closely monitored and additional forces have been placed on standby in those areas to ensure that we have enough forces to deal with any contingencies or crisis that may require our intervention."

Pre-election violence has already flared up in the Sterkspruit.

Early on Monday morning, a school hall, which was to be used as a voting station, was torched.

The Police Department's David Barritt said, "The minister and the security cluster ministers have spent considerable effort and time on ensuring that there are sufficient resources in that area."

Police Minister Nathi Mthethwa toured the area late last month in a bid to ease tensions.

At the same time, Rosedale residents have warned Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) officials not to set up polling stations in the area.

Over the past few months there have been several violent protests in the region, which have seen a clinic and post office torched.

Several Rosedale residents have vowed to boycott the poles this week, complaining that the current government has not done enough for them.

There are also fears of violence on Election Day.

Around 40 residents who gathered for a community meeting on Monday have threatened to burn down IEC voting stations.

The clinic and the post office were burnt down during protests that spiralled out of control.

People in the community said they will continue with the protests until their demands for houses are met.