'DA shack dweller support a PR stunt'

An analyst says a shack dwellers' organisation's support for the DA is no more than a PR stunt.

FILE: Thousands of DA supporters gathered in Kliptown, Soweto, for the party’s We Can Win concert on 4 May 2014. Picture: Democratic Alliance/Twitter.

CAPE TOWN - A political analyst says the endorsement of the Democratic Alliance (DA) by a shack dwellers' organisation, is nothing more than a public relations exercise.

Abahlali baseMjondolo has given their backing to the DA.

But the controversial Ses'Khona People's Rights Movement has pledged it's allegiance to the African National Congress (ANC) in its campaign to win back the Western Cape.

Analyst Daniel Silke says Abahlali baseMjondolo's endorsement of the DA is symbolic and significant for the party, but it won't necessarily translate into more votes.

"Frankly, I think this is more of a public relations exercise for the DA than having any practical effect on the ground in terms of upping the DA's vote."

But Silke also believes the ANC's alliance with the Ses'Khona People's Rights Movement won't boost votes for them either.

He says that by now the majority of voters have already made up their minds as to which party they will be making their mark next to on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, 84 percent of people who took part in an Eyewitness News online poll say they've already decided which party will get their vote.