Pistorius murder trial adjourns for the day

Court adjourned as the defence said it was unable to get more than two witnesses for today.

Court adjourned until tomorrow after the defence team said it couldn't get more than two witnesses for today.

PRETORIA - After witness Carice Viljoen was cross-examined and excused from the stand during the Oscar Pistorius murder trial, defence advocate Barry Roux asked for court to be adjourned for the day.

He explained to Judge Thokozile Masipa that his team was struggling to get more than two witnesses for today.

Roux apologised to Masipa and said it would not happen again.

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State prosecutor Gerrie Nel said he understood the predicament and would not object to the request.

With this, Masipa agreed and adjourned for the day.


As the first on the scene after Pistorius shot and killed Reeva Steenkamp, Carice Viljoen painted a bloody picture of what happened when she entered the athlete's house.

Viljoen, a former resident of the complex where the incident took place, was leading evidence with the defence team earlier today.

She was the second witness to testify after a two-week break in the trial.

Her father Johan Stander took the stand this morning and was also cross-examined by Nel.

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The athlete faces charges of premeditated murder, two separate firearm related charges and one of illegal possession of ammunition.

He maintains he never intended killing Steenkamp as he thought she was an intruder.


Before the tea break, Viljoen told the court how she heard screams as her balcony door was open.

After the break, she continued her testimony and said when she did get out of bed she told her parents that she heard someone calling for help.

Her parents had told her that Pistorius had called, saying that he had shot Steenkamp.

She said she and her dad went to his house.

She said upon arrival, they found several security officers outside.

"We approached the front door which was slightly open. As I opened the door I walked in and saw Oscar carrying Reeva down the stairs. He was walking fast. He pleaded for help and just wanted to get her to hospital."

An emotional Viljoen described the discussion she had with the accused.

"I told him to put her down. There was blood everywhere. We both knelt over Reeva. He begged me to help."

She said she ran up to the first floor linen closet to grab towels.

"He was begging Reeva to stay with him and not leave him. He kept pleading, 'stay with me my love, just stay with me'."

Viljoen said they tried to tie the towel around her arm.

When they lifted up her pants, there was blood there too [right hip].

She said Pistorius kept asking where the ambulance was.

"I told him they were on their way."

The witness said neighbour Johan Stipp had arrived and he told Pistorius he was a doctor.

"We were both relieved that there was someone who could help."

Viljoen claimed that Stipp didn't stay inside for too long before going back outside

"While trying to stop the bleeding, I asked Oscar, what had happened? He said he thought she was an intruder."

The witness said that when paramedics arrived, she told Pistorius to step aside so they could work on Steenkamp and the two of them went into the kitchen.


Viljoen said, "The paramedics asked for Reeva's ID. I asked where her handbag was and Oscar said it was upstairs and went to fetch it. I then went upstairs to call him."

The witness claimed she went upstairs as she was scared Pistorius would shoot himself because of his emotional state.

"He collected the bag and handed it to me. I saw him on the phone, but what he was saying wasn't making any sense. I took the phone and told the person on the other side he needed help."

It was revealed that Viljoen had spoken to Pistorius's friend, Justin Divaris.

She continued describing the athlete's state.

"Oscar was in the kitchen area and he vomited a few times."

Viljoen said when police had arrived, the first policeman was Colonel Schoombie van Rensburg who had introduced himself to her and Pistorius.

She claimed he was with two other plain-clothed policemen in the foyer.

Roux asked her if there was any control of people who entered and left the house.

Viljoen said, "No, we came and went. I remember seeing people going up and down the stairs, but can't say who they are."


Viljoen explained the incident with Steenkamp's handbag which was removed from the crime scene.

She said she helped Pistorius's sister Aimee pack clothes for him.

"We were in the car when Aimee asked me whether they should take the bag. She walked back into the house and passed the policeman and grabbed Reeva's handbag from the kitchen counter."

She said the reason for this was to keep the bag safe for Steenkamp's mother.

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With that, Roux concluded his examination.


Nel began questioning the witness in connection with the phone which was near Pistorius.

She confirmed that the phone the athlete used was on a charger in the kitchen.

Nel referred Viljoen to a picture and she quickly asked, "Is this going to be a photo which will make me cry?"

The picture shown was of the first floor landing and the linen cupboard where one towel was on the floor.

She recalled leaving the one towel on the floor and said she was never unaccompanied when fetching the clothes with Aimee.

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Viljoen also said she has never discussed the incident with Pistorius even after visiting him while he was being detained at the Brooklyn police station.

She said Pistorius had even told paramedics that the firearm was in the bathroom.