ACDP hits out at Patriotic Alliance

The newly launched party claims to have helped curb gang violence in three CT suburbs.

Patriotic Alliance President Gayton McKenzie. Picture: Facebook.

CAPE TOWN - The African Christian Democratic Party (ACDP) on Wednesday accused new kid on the block the Patriotic Alliance (PA) of knowing nothing about politics.

The PA claims it's assisted in curbing gang violence in three Cape Town suburbs in recent months.

Both parties attended a roundtable discussion hosted by 567 CapeTalk this morning.

The PA's Gayton McKenzie hit back at the ACDP.

"God is a higher authority than politics, he should be in church and not here by us. Secondly, it's a compliment when you say I know nothing about politics. What I do know about it is the suffering of our people, the shooting of our people and our people not having jobs."

Gangsterism was a hot topic at the political debate in Mitchells Plain.

"We are the only party in South Africa that really knows how to address this problem. Nobody cares about the lives of Coloured young males in this country."

One resident said communities simply want to live in peace.

Eleven political parties took part in the debate at the Lentegeur Civic Centre at the Cape Town township.

Earlier in March, residents staged a protest march against gang violence in Tafelsig, saying they are tired of gangsterism and drugs.