Expats continue to cast ballots

South Africans around the world only have a few more hours to cast their votes.

South Africans living abroad continue to cast their ballots this afternoon.

ABU DHABI - South Africans living abroad continue to cast their ballots on Wednesday.

Voting started in New Zealand at 9pm last night and is still underway in some countries, including the United States.

Around 2,000 expats cast their ballots in Abu Dhabi and Dubai in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

South African expats queue in Dubai to vote in South Africa's 2014 general elections. Picture: Twitter @hunts81

Dubai resident Phillip Vosloo says there's a great spirit there.

"In spite of people waiting four and a half hours, people were joking and sharing some laughs. I know that there are about 1,070 South Africans registered to vote in the United Arab Emirates."

Picture courtesy of @hunts81.

The numbers are nowhere near what is expected on 7 May in South Africa.

"We love our country, we are away for other reasons but of course our hearts are always at home and we are really happy we can have a voice no matter where we are.

"After 20 years of voting in KwaZulu-Natal, now it's such a pleasure to be in the UAE to have a chance to cast our vote."

Most South Africans living in this country are under the age of 40 and the majority work as skilled professionals.

Meanwhile, a South African man in Oman has praised the voting system, saying the process was quick and simple.

Francois de Wet, an English lecturer in the Middle East country, was one of 137 people who registered.

Some did not realise they had to register for a special vote and were turned away at the embassy in Muscat.

De Wet says the entire process from applying to registering was simple and efficient.

He also praised embassy staff.

Consulates close at 9 pm.