Alves's reaction 'sheer brilliance'

Dennis Mumble says the footballers reaction really 'bites the head off racism'

Dani Alves picks up and eats a banana thrown at him during Barcelona's match against Villareal. Picture: Facebook.

JOHANNESBURG -Soccer stars, celebrities and government officials have joined in on the condemnation of racism in football by posting pictures of themselves eating a banana.

On Sunday, Barcelona defender Dani Alves hit out at racist Villarreal fans who taunted him by throwing the fruit on the pitch while he was playing.

Images of the Brazilian picking up the banana and taking a bite were beamed around the world and his reaction has since been widely backed by the football community and celebrities.

South African Football Association Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Dennis Mumble has commended him.

"His reaction was brilliant, so understated to the point where it is just sheer brilliance. You are really biting the head of racism off there."