Man City and PSG breach UEFA financial rules

Media reports suggest UEFA will place sanctions on the offending clubs.

UEFA are set to impose sanctions against clubs in breach of their Financial Fair Play rules. Picture:

LONDON - Manchester City and Paris St-Germain have both been found to have breached UEFA's financial fair play (FFP) rules, British media reported on Tuesday.

The clubs had received settlement offers from European soccer's governing body and would need to decide whether to accept the sanctions or try to negotiate lesser punishments, the BBC said on its website.

The lesser punishments may vary from a reprimand to a fine or European squad restrictions. The British broadcaster said "under 20" clubs had failed to meet the criteria.

In February, UEFA secretary general Gianni Infantino said 76 European clubs out of 237 originally assessed had been asked to submit additional information about their finances ahead of the new rules which come into full effect next season.

The rules are being introduced to force clubs to live within their means and prevent those with rich owners from simply spending their way to success.

In principle, clubs cannot spend more than their generated revenue although they are allowed cash injections of up to 45 million euros (R662.9 million) over three years. Spending on training facilities and youth development is exempt.

UEFA, Manchester City and PSG management were unavailable for comment.

The BBC said if an agreement between clubs and UEFA's club financial control board could not be reached over the sanctions, outstanding cases would go to an adjudicatory panel for a final decision.

While settlements offered to each club had not been disclosed, UEFA could reveal the outcomes as early as Friday, the broadcaster added.