MSF: Guinea Ebola cases in decline

The group however says Ebola hemorrhagic fever is still being treated as an epidemic.

FILE: Health specialists prepare for work in an isolation ward for patients at the Doctors Without Borders facility in Guékedou, southern Guinea. Picture: AFP.

CAPE TOWN - Although fewer cases of Ebola hemorrhagic fever are being reported in Guinea the outbreak is still being treated as an epidemic, Doctors Without Borders said on Tuesday.

According to the health ministry's latest figures, more than 140 people have died in Guinea and Liberia.

Ebola spread to Conakry in March , a city of some two million people, signalling an escalation of the outbreak in one of the world's poorest nations.

Doctors Without Borders Guinea spokesperson Sam Taylor says the infection rate appears to be slowing down.

"Our activities are continuing even though, to be honest, we don't have that many patients at the moment.

"We have six patients in Guéckédou in the south of the country. We have four patients in Conakry in the capital. We have zero patients in our first treatment centre."