Ramphele: Don’t squander your votes

The Agang SA leader says spoiling ballots would be a betrayal of the struggle for freedom.

FILE: Agang SA leader Mamphela Ramphele on 8 March 2014. Picture: Thando Kubheka/EWN.

HAMMANSKRAAL - AgangSA leader Mamphela Ramphele on Thursday urged South Africans not to squander their vote in the upcoming elections.

Speaking to Hammanskraal residents, she said locals must use their right to vote, despite the state of politics in the country.

Ramphele was well received by both young and old members of the Temba community in the northern Gauteng town.

In response to the 'Vote No' campaign, which encourages South Africans to spoil their ballots or at least vote for smaller parties, Ramphele said forfeiting votes would be like spitting in the faces of those who fought for freedom.

"I fought for freedom and lost dear friends. Anybody who says to people they shouldn't use their power for votes is betraying their struggle for freedom."

Many residents expressed their support for AgangSA, saying the party would bring necessary changes to their community.

South Africans go the polls on 7 May.