Mbete: 'Vote No' campaign shameful

The ANC national chairperson says voting is a privilege that should be protected.

ANC national chairperson Baleka Mbete. Picture:EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - ANC national chairperson Baleka Mbete says those who fought in the struggle for freedom feel insulted by the 'Vote No' campaign which was spearheaded by her former comrades.

The campaign calls on South Africans to spoil their ballots during next month's elections or vote for smaller parties in protest against ANC corruption.

It was launched on Tuesday and is led by former intelligence minister Ronnie Kasrils and former deputy health minister Nozizwe Madlala-Routledge.

Mbete says voting is a privilege that should be protected because people lost their lives to achieve such a right.

She says the campaign is shameful.

"I think it's a terrible thing. Those who fought for the right to vote feel very insulted by what they have done."

Mbete spent the day yesterday at a church service in Katlehong praying for the upcoming elections to be peaceful and conflict free.

Meanwhile, President Jacob Zuma on Friday urged the public to ignore calls to boycott the elections while speaking at a special Easter church service in Johannesburg.

Zuma said struggle stalwarts and specifically the churches fought hard for the right to vote.

The event was attended by nearly 50,000 people.

South Africans will head to the polls for the national and provincial elections on 7 May.