Road safety campaign to be launched

Dipuo Peters will launch a campaign' which will see an increased police presence on the N1.

Dipuo Peters. Picture: EWN

JOHANNESBURG - Transport Minister Dipuo Peters will launch the 'cross alive campaign' today which will see an increased police presence at South Africa's borders.

As South Africans prepare to enjoy the Easter long weekend, Peters said a large number of motorists will be travelling out of the country.

She said specially trained officials, known as the 'N1 Traffic Brigade,' will be on high alert to monitor the N1 from Pretoria to Beitbridge on the border with Zimbabwe.

Peters has urged motorists to have thorough health checks before embarking on long-distance trips.

"Checking blood pressures, diabetes and all the other manageable diseases that we believe if the drivers are informed they would be able to take necessary precautions."


Peters said regular medical checks will soon become a reality for those who provide public transport services.

She said the safety records in the aviation sector showed the value of health safety regulations.

The minister added the stringent medical requirements should be extended to road users.

"Many drivers of buses, trains and trucks aren't regularly examined, so as part of our road safety campaign we're introducing medical checks.