'Vote No' campaign: ANC is corrupt

The campaign was officially launched at Wits University in Johannesburg on Tuesday afternoon.

Nozizwe Madlala-Routledge. Picture: AFP.

JOHANNESBURG - People who vote for the ANC in the 7 May general elections will be condoning corruption, the 'Vote No' campaign said on Tuesday.

Former cabinet minister Ronnie Kasrils and former deputy health minister Nozizwe Madlala-Routledge officially launched the campaign at the University of the Witwatersrand in Johannesburg this afternoon.

It accused those in power of putting themselves first and losing focus on what the struggle for democracy was about.

The campaign says South Africans have become disgruntled with what they called President Jacob Zuma's ANC.

The former ANC members say they are simply giving citizens a platform to voice their anger against government.

The campaign calls on people to either spoil their ballot or vote for smaller parties in order to strengthen the opposition.

The ANC has labelled the campaign as "treacherous and irresponsible."

ANC Youth League members tried to disrupt the launch by waving banners and singing struggle songs outside the venue.

Madlala-Routledge says the ruling party has insulted struggle stalwarts who fought for freedom.

"We are calling on all South Africans to come out on 7 May to use this democratic right for which people died."

She says people should vote tactically to send a strong message to the ANC.

Meanwhile, former minister in the presidency Essop Pahad and Advocate George Bizos say the campaign is a betrayal of the fight for the right to vote.

"We should make a choice in accordance with our judgment and conscience. Abstaining or spoiling your vote is not a solution."

Pahad says the former ANC leaders have made the wrong decision here.