Suspect held for Krejcir affiliate's murder

The suspect is one of the 11 people held in the Krejcir kidnapping and attempted murder case.

Radovan Krejcir in the Palm Ridge Magistrates Court on 2 December 2013. Picture: Christa Van der Walt/EWN.

JOHANNESBURG - Police believe they may have a suspect in the murder of Sam Issa, a Lebanese citizen with links to Czech fugitive and businessman Radovan Krejcir.

Authorities say the alleged killer is one of the 11 suspects held in the Krejcir kidnapping and attempted murder case.

Issa was killed execution-style near the Bedford Centre in Bradford Road, east of Johannesburg, last year.

The police's Solomon Makgale says they are confident the suspect is linked to his murder.

"The person is currently behind bars, as we are busy with our investigation. He has been arrested on a different charge for now but we believe that very soon we will be able to put new charges to him for the involvement in the killing of Sam Issa."

Six months ago Eyewitness News reported that Issa, an underworld associate of the Czech fugitive, had been killed in what police labelled a 'hit'.

It's understood he was waiting at a traffic light in his car when another vehicle pulled up next to him.

According to police, he then tried to speed off when a shoot-out ensued.

Issa was well-known figure who had close ties to Krejcir and it's believed the two fell out.

It's also understood Issa was convicted 20 years ago after being linked to an attempted bombing in France.


The Czech fugitive has once again been denied bail, this time by the High Court sitting in Palm Ridge.

He will remain behind bars, as he awaits trial on charges of dealing in drugs, kidnapping and attempted murder.

This is the fourth time Krejcir has been denied bail since he was arrested in November last year.

His lawyers were attempting to have February's decision by Magistrate Reginald Dama set aside but this morning's proceedings were quickly dismissed by the judge.

The businessman is expected to remain behind bars until his trial begins on 5 May.

He and five co-accused will stand trial on charges of kidnapping, attempted murder and assault in connection with a multimillion rand drug deal gone wrong that resulted in a hostage situation last year.

Krejcir's name has been associated with a number of unsolved murders in South Africa.

In July, he narrowly survived an assassination attempt involving a Volkswagen Cross Polo fitted with several gun barrels behind its rear number plate.

The bizarre improvised weapon, which Krejcir himself compared to something out of a James Bond movie, was remotely controlled.

It was triggered as Krejcir exited his car which was then riddled with bullets, but he escaped unharmed.

The Cross Polo then burst into flames.