Pistorius's intentions to be scrutinised

Oscar Pistorius is expected to face a barrage of difficult questions on the stand this morning.

Oscar Pistorius is escorted into the High Court in Pretoria ahead of day 21 of his murder trial on 11 April 2014. Picture: Sebabatso Mosamo/EWN.

PRETORIA - Oscar Pistorius will face another difficult day on the stand today as he tries to answer questions about his intention when he opened fire on a toilet door on the night he shot and killed Reeva Steenkamp.

State prosecutor Gerrie Nel told the Gauteng North High Court in Pretoria on Friday that he was giving the athlete the weekend to think about the moments before he shot Steenkamp.

The prosecutor, who is also known as the 'bull terrier', said Pistorius knew she was in the bathroom and intentionally shot her.

It's exactly one week since Pistorius took to the stand to give his version of events to the court, and while he maintains it was just an accident, the state has revealed that it will show the couple argued before the shooting.

Nel, who has taken a strong approach since he started questioning the athlete, maintains the athlete's version doesn't make sense and that he's lying.

Last week, Nel focused on a fan in the balcony doorway, a duvet on the floor and the position of a pair of jeans.

The state has picked up on a number of discrepancies in Pistorius's testimony from the moment he heard a noise until the police arrived.

Pistorius, who was visibly emotional throughout last week's proceedings, was met by a supporter as he left court on Friday and was handed a bouquet of flowers.

His version will be challenged in more detail as the trial resumes today.

Nel is also expected to further explore whether Steenkamp was screaming as Pistorius fired four shots through the toilet door.

Nel caught out the athlete last week on his claim that Steenkamp did not scream after his first shot.

He referred to witnesses who testified to hearing screams during the gunshots.

The prosecutor said he would refer to the bail application where it was put to the court that Pistorius was the only person screaming that morning.

The Paralympic and Olympic athlete is accused of murdering Steenkamp at his luxury Silver Woods Country Estate home in Pretoria East on Valentine's Day last year.

The 27-year-old also faces gun-related charges in connection with two separate shooting incidents, one from a moving car and another at a crowded Johannesburg north restaurant.

Pistorius also faces a charge of illegal possession of ammunition.

The athlete pleaded not guilty to all charges on the first day of his murder trial on 3 March.


Steenkamp's older sister has accused the athlete of being a disgusting liar who continues to enjoy his celebrity status.

The remarks were made in an interview with British newspaper the Daily Mail which was published at the weekend.

Simone Steenkamp said her heart "momentarily stopped" when Pistorius walked passed her and her mother June on the first day of the trial and said she has not been back to court since.

She said the athlete is trying to convince the court that he and Reeva were a loving a couple which isn't true.

Simone has given up her life in the UK and moved back to Port Elizabeth to be with her family.

She has been looking after her stepfather Barry while June attends the trial.

Simone said she was proud of her mother who has had to endure graphic details of what happened on the night Steenkamp died, while Pistorius cries and vomits.

Simone pleaded with Pistorius to end the agony for all those who loved Reeva and tell the truth.

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