Oscar: Get the f*** out of my house!

Oscar Pistorius broke down in court as he explained how he shouted at perceived intruders.

Oscar Pistorius is escorted into the High Court in Pretoria ahead of his murder trial on 14 April 2014. Picture: Reinart Toerien/EWN.

PRETORIA - The morning session of day 22 of the Oscar Pistorius trial saw the murder accused breaking down in the stand.

The Paralympian is on trial for the premeditated murder of his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp at his upmarket Silver Woods Country Estate home on Valentine's Day last year.

State prosecutor Gerrie Nel questioned Pistorius about the moments he moved up the passage to the bathroom with his gun in hand.

Pistorius showed the court that when he approached the bathroom, his arm was not extended up in front of him, but bent and low down.

When Pistorius got to the bathroom entrance, he said he peered inside and could only see a little bit of light.

Walking down the passage, Pistorius said he shouted for the intruders "to get the f*** out of my house".

When he said this, he broke down and began crying incessantly.

The court adjourned for tea and his brother Carl and sister Aimee rushed over to console him.


Earlier, the athlete was shown photo 68, which was a shot of Steenkamp's jeans with a section which appeared to overlap the duvet.

Zooming in on the picture, the blood spatter was seen on the grey duvet.

Pistorius confirmed there was spatter on the carpet and the duvet.

Nel, who is also known as the 'bull terrier', said he would argue that the spatter was caused by Pistorius carrying the deceased passed there.

The athlete insisted that he left the duvet on the bed, but Nel argued there was no spatter on the bed.

"So a policeman, by luck or design, put the duvet on the floor with that corner in line with the spatter?"

Pistorius could not give an explanation to this additional piece of information relating to the duvet.


Nel asked, "When you armed yourself and spoke to Reeva, what did you say?"

Pistorius said he told Steenkamp to get down and called the police.

The athlete said he spoke to Steenkamp in a "low tone", but previously testified that he whispered to her.

Nel said that Pistorius was steering away from a whisper because there was the possibility she may not have heard him.

"By changing to a low tone, it's loud enough to argue the assumption that she must have heard you. When you got up from bed, she didn't ask you where you were going or what were doing?"

Pistorius answered, "No."

Nel, now being a bit more aggressive, said, "Your version is improbable! Surely, you would expect her to ask you where you going?"

But Pistorius, accused of being evasive, answered, "I don't know what to expect. I don't know if she was fully awake."


Nel then moved on to the noises Pistorius said he heard.

Pistorius said the first noise he heard was the window opening.

"The noise was loud; the window was sliding open hitting the window frame. It was loud."

Pistorius said he didn't expect Steenkamp to have responded to the same noise as "she would have been as scared as I was".

Nel then asked, "Why not put these noises in the bail statement?"

Pistorius responded by saying that his bail statement was done by his legal team.

"I was on medication, traumatised. It doesn't need to be an exhaustive statement."

Nel then questioned which sounds Pistorius included in his different statements since his arrest.

In the plea explanation, Pistorius said he heard the window sliding open, but not hearing it slamming.

But in his evidence in chief, Pistorius said he heard the window slamming.

Earlier, Nel asked Pistorius, "Can you explain the food in Reeva's stomach? That is devastating for your version that eight hours later there is still food there."

The Paralympian could not offer an explanation.

Nel also asked Pistorius to explain why Steenkamp's stomach contents contradicted his testimony that they had eaten the evening before.

Nel asked, "Do you have an explanation of the stomach contents of the deceased?

Pistorius replied, "I don't my lady."

Nel replied, "That is, as far as your case is concerned, devastating for your version."

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