Liberian 'enemy of state' unafraid

The journalist says she won’t be discouraged from exposing the practice of female genital mutilation.

Liberian journalist, Mae Azango. Picture:

CAPE TOWN - A Liberian investigative journalist says although she often fears for her safety, she won't be deterred from exposing the practice of female genital mutilation.

FrontPage Africa's Mae Azango exposed the traditional practice, which results in the deaths of many young girls annually.

She's described the dangers of her job at the International Press Institute (IPI)'s World Congress currently underway in Cape Town.

Azango says she has been labelled an enemy of both the state and the judiciary for revealing the cruel practice.

She had to go into hiding for several weeks after her scoop on female genital mutilation was published.

Winner of the Press Freedom Award, Azango explains she is merely a voice for the voiceless.

But the Liberian government took Azango's story seriously enough to suspend the traditional and sometimes fatal practice.