Plans to improve safety in Manenberg

The Manenberg Action Committee met with political parties to discuss safety and security concerns.

Some political parties intervened in an effort to stop gang-related deaths in Manenberg. Picture: Renee de Villiers/EWN

CAPE TOWN - Plans are currently underway to try and improve security in Manenberg.

The so-called Manenberg Action Committee met with political parties on Wednesday to discuss their safety and security concerns, which included ongoing gang violence.

The committee has called on authorities to join forces in a bid to address the issue.

It could be seen as canvassing for votes ahead of the upcoming elections, but some political parties have intervened in an effort to stop the killings in Manenberg.

The African National Congress (ANC)'s Marius Fransman was part of the discussion group on Wednesday and announced his party's safety plan for the area.

"With the support of one of the security agencies, we've secured 1,000 beneficiaries into a programme that will push back some of the challenges when it comes to crime at schools and crimes in certain areas in the community."

Manenberg has been the scene of ongoing conflict between rival gangs, with some schools approaching the courts to intervene, to bulk up security at local schools affected by the gang warfare.

By next week an additional 50 trained security guards will be patrolling schools in the area, in the hope of protecting those at risk.