Nel to prove Oscar is lying

Gerrie Nel told the court he will highlight discrepancies in Oscar Pistorius's testimony to prove he is lying.

Murder accused Oscar Pistorius is escorted out of the North Gauteng High Court in Pretoria on day 19 of his trial. Picture: Sebabatso Mosamo/EWN.

PRETORIA - Murder accused Oscar Pistorius has skirted questions about his intentions when he opened fire blindly through the toilet door, avoiding giving the court a direct answer.

Prosecutor Gerrie Nel's fierce and aggressive cross-examination, which has earned him the title 'bull terrier', began with the first question and lasted throughout the day.

Nel started his cross-examination by getting the Paralympian and Olympian athlete to state on record that he shot and killed Reeva Steenkamp.

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The Blade Runner has testified that he shot his girlfriend Steenkamp as he thought she was an intruder, but Nel started pulling apart his version of events.

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Pistorius would not be drawn into committing to a straightforward answer when asked what his intention was when he shot at the door.

"I didn't intend to shoot anyone, I fired my gun before I could think and before I could comprehend what was happening, because I thought someone was going to come out of the toilet."

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The 'bull terrier' was having none of it.

He told the court he would highlight discrepancies in the athlete's testimony to prove he was lying.

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The athlete has been accused of lying, rehearsing his answers and changing his story to fit new facts.

Nel's approach was likely aimed at unsettling Pistorius and extracting the truth from him.

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The prosecutor opened up his cross-examination by asking Pistorius, "You are one of the most recognisable sportsman?"

Pistorius responded, "I was, but I made a mistake."

He then asked Pistorius, "What mistake? You killed Reeva! Take responsibility for killing Reeva. Say it!"

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