'Bull Terrier' takes aim at Pistorius's selfishness

State prosecutor Gerrie Nel began questioning Oscar Pistorius about WhatsApp messages.

Oscar Pistorius arrives at the High Court in Pretoria ahead of his murder trial on 10 April 2014. Picture: Sebabatso Mosamo/EWN.

PRETORIA - State prosecutor Gerrie 'Bull Terrier' Nel resumed his aggressive cross-examination of Oscar Pistorius this morning.

Pistorius is on trial for shooting and killing his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp on Valentine's Day last year.

The 'Bull Terrier' did not leave it there and asked, "You started in this court with an apology. That was more than a year after an event. What did you apologise for?"

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To which Pistorius responded, "I apologised for the sorrow and emptiness I caused."

Nel asked him why he did it in court and created a public spectacle.

He then cornered Pistorius on why he did not approach the Steenkamps and arrange a private meeting and why was he not humble enough to do it?

Pistorius responded that his counsel was in touch with the Steenkamps.

To that, Nel retorted, "Meeting them in private would mean you would have to take responsibility for your actions."

With that, Nel read Pistorius's apology from the court record and tells him, "You're sorry that you have to think of them. There is no sorry for killing Reeva!"


Nel then looked at the WhatsApp messages and the arguments they were based on.

"They were all about you, Mr Pistorius! The arguments were about things important to you!"

He also mentioned the fact that in Steenkamp's messages she wrote "I love you" twice and both times it was to her mother.

Pistorius was asked to read a message from 27 January where Steenkamp said he scared her sometimes.

Nel read the line, "You picked on me incessantly."

The athlete responded, "There are people who will come here and say I did not pick on her. She was obviously upset when she wrote this message."

The prosecutor said, "You picked on her incessantly since you arrived back from Cape Town. That must be untrue?"

Pistorius agreed that Steenkamp had lied in that part of message.

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Nel used Steenkamp's messages as he said they were the only voice she had in this trial.

He analysed each word she used such as nasty and incessant.

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With regards to the drama which unfolded at an engagement party, Pistorius said he felt Steenkamp was flirting with a man who made him feel jealous and insecure.

Nel said it was all about Pistorius when he said, "I was tired, I had training and I needed something to eat."

Nel forced Pistorius to answer each question properly and not to jump ahead or make any statements.

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