Drug abuse rife in Paternoster

Paternoster residents want to vote for change so that drug abuse and crime will be prioritised.

Paternoster residents want to vote for change so that drug abuse and crime in their community will be prioritised. Picture: Stock.XCHNG

CAPE TOWN - The Paternoster Community Policing Forum (CPF) says drug abuse amongst idle young people is on the rise.

The forum is also concerned youth in the West Coast town are turning to crime because there are not enough jobs.

The community seems to have little hope that their votes in the upcoming election can change issues in their community.

Residents say they want to vote for change in the hope that crime and drug abuse will be prioritised.

One resident says she wants drug abuse in her community to be addressed by politicians and community leaders.

"The youngsters go out at night and do all the break-ins at guest houses."

But she says she is not interested in voting on 7 May because she doesn't believe it will make a difference.

Meanwhile in Cape Town, shutting down drug labs has been prioritised by law enforcement.

Two labs have already been pounced on and closed this year so far.

Metro police arrested three suspects when they came across a lab in Athlone.

One of the suspects also led officers to another residence in the area, where dagga and Tik were confiscated.

The City of Cape Town's JP Smith says, "The Metro police's drug enforcement has allowed them to confiscate just on 21,000 units of drugs and make 521 drug-related arrests since the beginning of January. Seeking out and closing the drug labs is a distinct priority for us."