Justice Ministry spends R3m on Dewani

Murder accused Shrien Dewani was flown from the UK to South Africa on a private chartered jet.

Shrien Dewani's family at the Western Cape High Court ahead of their son's first appearance since his extradition on 8 April 2014. Picture: Aletta Gardner/EWN

CAPE TOWN - The Justice Ministry has spent nearly R3 million on flying honeymoon accused, Shrien Dewani on a chartered plane from the UK to South Africa, but some are asking whether it was necessary.

The ministry says it considered a number of factors when deciding to use a private aircraft including that Dewani displayed suicidal tendencies and the South African government didn't want to take any chances when extraditing him.

The British businessman accused of masterminding his wife's murder arrived in Cape Town yesterday morning before he appeared in the Western Cape High Court for the first time.

Picture: Sapa.

Judge Hlophe has postponed the case to 12 May.

Dewani will be be kept at the Valkenberg psychiatric hospital for observation ahead of his next court appearance in a little more than a month's time.

DA MP Debbie Schafer says procuring a private plane was an "outrageous decision".

"I don't see any reason why he can't be brought back like any other person facing trial in South Africa. He could have come economy class with a police officer accompanying him."

Meanwhile, people are using social media to express their views on the matter.

@zambezi40 @justgracephiri not sure but already there are questions of who funded his pvt jet into CPT? #DewaniTrial

So any murderer can escape justice if he pretends2 have/develop depression or post traumatic stress? Dangerous precedent #DewaniTrial

@Tshingana I asking why we could not have flown SAA economy class. #DewaniTrial

I do hope he gets a fair trial and I hope they find the truth and get this girl some justice RIP x #DewaniTrial

Shrien Dewani you are next papa #DewaniTrial