Pistorius: I didn't shoot out of car sunroof

Oscar Pistorius has given his explanation of the incidents related to the two firearm charges.

Oscar Pistorius reacts at the High Court in Pretoria during his trial. Picture: Pool.

PRETORIA - Giving his testimony of events which occurred during two shooting incidents, murder accused Oscar Pistorius has denied shooting out of the sunroof of a car.

Defence advocate Barry Roux said he would first deal with the two firearm related charges before moving on to the charge of murder.

Referring to the first incident in which Pistorius allegedly discharged his firearm through the sunroof of a moving vehicle, Pistorius said, "It never happened," despite testimony from previous witnesses Darren Fresco and ex-girlfriend Samantha Taylor.

Last month, Fresco told the court of the incident in late 2012 in which he'd been driving with Pistorius and Taylor.

"I was driving and Pistorius was in the passenger seat and Sam was in the back seat. Without prior warning, he shot out of the sunroof. Instinctively I moved over to the right because the noise was in my left ear."

Fresco said he asked Pistorius whether he was "f*cking mad. He laughed. I felt like my ear was bleeding."

Taylor also gave evidence about the same incident.

"After we left the policeman, Oscar was very angry at the time. I was sitting in the back seat and after that, Pistorius and his friend said they wanted to shoot a robot. About two minutes after that, I saw Oscar take his gun and shoot out of the car roof."

When testifying today on the build-up to the incident, Pistorius said the three of them went to the Vaal River and left in the late afternoon.

Picture: Pool.

He said Fresco was driving because he had to catch a flight to Scotland that night.

"As we were about to get on to the N1, a police officer pulled the car over because there was no plate on the front."

He said Fresco was issued with a fine which he crumpled up and threw into the car.

Later, they were pulled over again and another police car arrived.

The police then spoke to Fresco.

"I took the firearm off my person, placed it on the seat as I did not want to approach the police with my firearm. The police said they had been following us for some distance."

He said the police officer looked into the car and asked whose firearm was in the car.

"The officer was aggressive. He dropped the magazine out of the firearm and cocked the bullet out."

He said after clearing the firearm of the bullet the officer put the firearm on the seat and asked for the firearm licence.

"I was agitated at how the officer handled my firearm."

He said Fresco was issued with a fine and they left the scene.


Roux then moved on to a shooting incident at Tashas restaurant, where Pistorius discharged a firearm.

"Kevin Lerena sent me a message asking whether I could help him with his diet. We agreed to meet at Tashas. A friend, Martyn Rooney, was in South Africa to train."

He said at their table was Lerena, Rooney and Fresco.

Pistorius said he was interested in buying a firearm similar to Fresco's.

"It was stupid of me, but I asked Fresco to see his firearm. I wanted to make the firearm safe. As the round came out of the chamber, the shot went off."

He was worried people had been hurt and was angry Fresco handed him an unsafe firearm.

"I gave the firearm back to Fresco. He said he would take the blame."

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