DA's Grant Pascoe moves to ANC

The former City of Cape Town chairperson says he left for personal reasons.

Grant Pascoe. Picture: Facebook.

JOHANNESBURG - Former Democratic Alliance (DA) Cape Town Chairperson Grant Pascoe on Monday announced he has defected to the ANC for personal reasons.

The announcement was made at the ruling party's Luthuli House headquarters in central Johannesburg on Monday.

Pascoe said he was dissatisfied with the direction the DA was taking.

"Internally, I have expressed myself to the party but I am not happy with the view that the party has been taking over many years. I felt that it was pointless fighting with people in the party, so I decided to leave."

He said his move was long overdue.

"I approached the ANC and said that it's time. I was gladly welcomed - I feel at home. I have left behind many friends and many colleagues, and we all worked well together in the DA, so I have no enemies there."

Last month, four DA councillors in Tshwane defected to the ANC.

Four other DA councillors from Ekurhuleni and Johannesburg joined the ANC in February, claiming black people were not given the room to grow.