Plettenberg born-frees ready to vote

Young people born into democracy say they want their votes to count.

Young people born into democracy say they want their votes to count. Picture: Siyabonga Sesant/EWN.

CAPE TOWN - First-time voters in Plettenberg Bay have shown enthusiasm for the upcoming 7 May national elections.

Many young people born after the country's first democratic elections say they want their votes to count.

A teenager from the area, Lundikhisa Khaphisa, says she's going to dedicate her vote to the late Nelson Mandela. She says she thought carefully about her decision and she feels is the best way to honour Madiba.

"As I'm going to be voting for the first time, I'm so glad that this opportunity came because I have been waiting for it."

Another teenager, Nosipho Mazwani, says she considers voting for the first time a blessing.

"Being a born-free is like someone that has a voice. I feel like I'm more blessed."

Less than a quarter of South African born frees have registered to vote in this year national elections.

With the general elections just over a month away the Bitou Municipality in the Southern Cape admits there's tension in some communities.

Plettenberg Bay is usually hotly contested over election time.

There were violent protests about two years ago in the area, which were thought to be politically motivated.

But mayor Memory Booysen says for now things appear to be calm.

"It was a tense period and the reason for that was there were uncertainties and tension with elections, but we are on track with what we've promised."