Conflicting reports on Chapman's Peak theft

An Iranian family was reportedly robbed near the top of Chapman’s Peak.

A general view of the Hout Bay harbour covered in mist from the Chapman’s peak road on the outskirts of Cape Town. Chapman’s peak road is the coastal link between Cape Town and the Cape of Good Hope. Picture: AFP.

CAPE TOWN - Conflicting versions of an incident of theft on Chapman's Peak Drive have emerged this morning.

An Iranian family reportedly had bags containing cash stolen from their vehicle near the top of Chapman's Peak on Sunday.

Their tour guide Alahuddiyn Ahmed says after several calls to the police he was told officers had been turned away at the toll-gate because they didn't have the R36 to pay the toll fee.

"This was told to me and my tourists. This man was really upset when he heard this."

But the Western Cape Transport Department's Sanele Nyoka has disputed this.

"The information that I have at the moment is that the police came through the tolls, they were given authority to come through, they then turned back before they got to the incident and drove out of the tolls. And when the tour guide called and came to the tolls, they called for the police again and the police actually said they don't have enough vehicles. That is the information that I have."