'Continental competition vital for development'

SuperSport United Coach Cavin Johnson has highlighted the importance of these tournaments.

Kaizer Chiefs have confirmed that they will participate in the CAF Confederations Cup this year. Picture: Facebook.com

JOHANNESBURG - SuperSport United coach Cavin Johnson on Tuesday outlined the importance of South African teams taking part in CAF competitions.

He made the comments after Kaizer Chiefs on Monday confirmed they would take part in the CAF Confederations Cup after initially being hesitant to play in the second-tier continental competition.

Johnson says the experience gained through participating in these competitions helps grow players.

"It's very important to be involved in these competitions. It will develop our players and take them to another level. It will develop our administrators and give our football association a different idea for what they need to do to assist the competing teams."

Meanwhile, Golden Arrows Coach Shaun Bartlett admits that he understands why certain teams would be against taking part in Africa.

He highlighted the financial burden and fatigue element that goes with travelling around the continent.

"You've got to also look at how far South African teams have to travel and compare it to the reward for winning the tournament. It's not much compared to winning the PSL, so you're spending a lot of money to go into Africa to try and win a championship that doesn't give you much financial reward.

"Our local league is very strong financially and maybe that is why some of our clubs don't want to compete in Africa anymore."