Gareth Cliff to leave 5FM

The outspoken radio DJ and Idols SA judge recorded his final show this morning.

Gareth Cliff. Picture:

JOHANNESBURG - After 10 years with 5FM, radio personality Gareth Cliff has announced he is leaving the station.

The radio station released a statement this morning, announcing the outspoken radio DJ's departure.

The Idols SA judge recorded his final show this morning.

Last show on 5FM today. Let's get unhinged. Come with me.

Cliff says in the statement, "I've had an amazing decade at 5FM together with my 'one-of-kind' team and I have loved every minute. The journey has been an unforgettable one but I'm excited about the future."

5FM programme manager Tim Zunckel says, "5FM is enormously appreciative of Gareth's incredible work ethic, his dedication to his listeners and support of the 5FM brand. The station thanks Gareth for his exceptional ten years of on-air presence as well as being an ambassador for the station, we wish him the very best in future."

According to the statement, Cliff will be pursuing further opportunities in his personal capacity.

People have taken to social media network Twitter to express their disappointment.

Woke up to all this about @GarethCliff, @LeighAnnMol and the team leaving @5FM ... is this a nightmare? Someone please wake me up :'( :'(

I'm sure he has his reasons and @5fm too but I'm so damn disappointed that @GarethCliff and the team are going.

Actually can't imagine 5fm without @GarethCliff

Many South Africans start the week with a collective sense of grief- as @garethcliff leaves 5fm. It really is a blue Monday.

My mornings will never be the same:(sad about @Gareth_Cliff leaving.

I have decided to boycott morning radio. Without @GarethCliff and the family I will not survive.!