Jasmin Pretorius lost her life 'to save many'

Jasmin Pretorius would have celebrated her fifth birthday tomorrow.

Jasmin Pretorius who was raped and murdered allegedly by her uncle in December 2013. Picture: Supplied.

JOHANNESBURG - The emotional mother of four-year-old Jasmin Pretorius, who was raped and murdered allegedly by her uncle, says she would have celebrated her birthday tomorrow but "lost her life to save the lives of many others".

Pretorius's body was found under a bed in her father's house in Brakpan in December 2013.

Her uncle was later arrested for the crime.

The little girl's mother Sasha-Lee Bam says the family will have a private ceremony at home where they will remember her young life.

"I know that everything happens for a reason and the way she passed away was very horrible, but she lost her life to save many other people's lives and I hope that wherever she is now she will have the best day of her life on her birthday."

The 23-year-old accused briefly appeared in court earlier this month but the case was postponed.

Prosecutors say the case will be referred to the High Court.

The case will resume on 6 May.


Jasmin and her older sister were picked up by their father Morné on 27 December from their home in Kempton Park.

The girls were meant to spend the weekend at his Brakpan flat, which he shares with his mother.

The accused and his boyfriend also live in the flat.

Morné left his two girls in the care of their grandmother and uncle on Friday night to go out with his new girlfriend.

He was supposed to return later that night but didn't.

His mother told Eyewitness News she went to bed with Jasmin's six-year-old sister while Jasmin was left to sleep alone in her father's bedroom.

When she woke up the next day, Jasmin was gone.

A team of volunteers and police officers began looking for the four-year-old, who was later found under a bed in the flat.

Jasmin was cremated a day after an emotional funeral service was held for her in January.